Monday, 20 February 2012

Why not take the political test?

Apparently, I'm a cosmopoltian social democrat (you see there was me thinking I was a Scottish liberal - I was wrong all the time).

This is based on the following analysis of my political understandings:

I would have thought I was a little more ecological than that - perhaps it's how the questions were worded.

Have a go yourself at Now, I'm off to join the continuing SDP (or should that be the continuing continuing SDP?).


cynicalHighlander said...

Short Test.

Anonymous said...

Scarily, as a nationalist, my profile is similar to yours.

Cosmopolitan 31%, secular 80% (I'd have said 100%!), visionary 53%, anarchistic 44%, communistic 41%, pacifist 68%, ecological 0%.

GHmltn said...

I too am a cosmoplitan social democrat!

Angus McLellan said...

Strangely enough, I'm one of those too. I'll confess to being cosmopolitan. But a social democrat? That's odd because I've always thought that I had turned into a one nation Tory (although the nation in question would be Scotland rather than the UK).

Thomas W said...

Cosmopolitan 39%, secular 67%, visionary 36%, anarchistic 37%, communistic 14%, pacifist 28%, antropocentric 37%, and I'm an SNP member with a liberal mindset.

Gedguy said...

Cosmopolitan 19%
secular 66%
visionary 45%
anarchistic 35%
communistic 27%
pacifist 24%
ecological 6%

Sounds about right for me.