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Priti Patel must go

I'm not generally one to call for political resignations or sackings. Neither do I take much delight in them when they happen. However, as a former civil servant who was personally involved in high-level discussions to eradicate workplace bullying, I have a strong view on the government's decision to express "full confidence" in Home Secretary Priti Patel following the Cabinet Office's inquiry into bullying instigated after the resignation of Sir Philip Putman.  That she should continue in office having been found to have breached the ministerial code is in itself unacceptable. Even more worrying is that Conservative MPs are not only defending her actions but using the report to make criticisms of the Civil Service. Firstly, never before has anyone found to have breached the minusrterial code continued in office. Not one. Why should an exception be made for Ms Patel, especially given the unequivocal nature of the report's findings? Secondly, when Ms Patel pre

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