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Mathew Hulbert interview: Be the change you want to see

Mathew Hulbert: "the front line today is the fight for recognition,  justice and equality for trans and non-binary people" As February is LGBT History month, yesterday I met up (virtually, of course) with Lib Dem and LGBTQ+ rights activist Mathew Hulbert to talk about why it's important to mark the occasion and how we can advance LGBTQ+ equality more generally. We even found the time to talk about local politics, the future of the Lib Dems and globalisation.  AP: Why is LGBT History month so important to you personally and why is it important to keep celebrating it? MH: LGBT History Month is an opportunity for reflection: to remember how far we've come in the fight for full equality for all of our communities, those who've now passed on who were part of the struggle but maybe didn't live to see what's been achieved, and re-focusing on what there is still left to do. AP: For me it's very important to reflect on the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ peopl

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