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Is British federalism possible?

For those who aren't aware, Lib Dem conference has been taking place over the last few days. Due to the pandemic, it's taken place "virtually" - but it's been far from a muted affair. Debates have proved quite colourful and the online nature of proceedings appears to have enabled some people to take part who ordinarily wouldn't be able to.I think most people's attention has been on the "Europe motion", and understandably so. I'll let Caron at Lib Dem Voice fill you in on the details there. Whether you interpret this as a win or defeat for the leadership - or as the triumph of pragmitism over principle - it's something of an understatement to say this was something party members debated passionately. After the vote there remain strong feelings, as can be seen within the comments on LDV. (I happen to be of the view that the voting public don't concern themselves with the precise wording of conference motions in the same way conference …

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