Guest Authors

Occasionally other, liberal-leaning, people will write for A Scottish Liberal.

Here is a list of previous contributors and links to their articles:

Mathew Hulbert: Liberal Democrat activist, parish councillor, charity worker, liberal Christian and LGBT+ inclusion campaigner.

Today is IDAHOBIT. But what about tomorrow?

Robert Maclennan: Former leader of the Social Democratic Party (1987-88) and co-leader of the Liberal Democrats (1989). Liberal Democrats' party president (1994-98). Lawyer, writer, occasional playwright.

Lords Reform Reviewed

Adrian Page: Liberal Democrat candidate for Sunderland central, 2015.

Impressions of my first Federal Conference

Anna Page: Health and equality campaigner, of broadly liberal views. Not a member of the Liberal Democrats, or in fact any political party.

Tory humour isn't funny
What should we make of Caroline Flint's resignation?