Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Are you a pro-change Liberal Democrat?

Are you a member of the Liberal Democtrats who either supports independence or passionately believes in "Devo Max"?

I know there are many members of the party who are frustrated at the Scottish party's unwillingness to support a devo-max option on the referendum ballot form. Many of us can not support the status quo and feel that the union is not something that as liberals we can defend. We want change - either for an independent Scotland or one in which there is significantly further devolution.

I have been talking to a few fellow activists and we feel it might be worth considering establishing a pro-change grouping within the party.

Initially, I have set up a facebook group: Liberal Democrats for Change which will hopefully be a useful place to guage support as well as discuss the constitutional question in more depth. Please sign up if you are change-sympathetic!


Anonymous said...

I greatly approve of this. Thanks. I don't use Facebook though as it's far too invasive and time consuming for me. Gives me some heart for the future of LD to think there's still some striving in this way.

Andrew said...

Thanks for your encouragement. The facebook group is hopefully just a first step towards establishing a pro-change internal grouping.