Monday, 20 February 2012

Is there anything you'd like to ask Willie Rennie?

Myself and some other leading Scottish Lib Dem bloggers are heading over to Edinburgh on Wednesday to interview party leader Willie Rennie.

The other bloggers are the effervescent Caron Lindsay, the intelligent and deep Nicola Prigg, the sagacious Gavin Hamilton and the perceptive Douglas McLellan (sounds like an edition of QI, doesn't it?).

I must admit to not being Jeremy Paxman, but then again Willie isn't Winston Churchill so hopefully I'll get a word in and perhaps even ask the odd tough question.

We've been having some interesting discussions between us about what we should ask him and there appears to be broad consensus on certain issues, even if we take different views. But we've got a bit of time and I'd like to use this opportunity to ask Willie the questions you want asking. Whether you're a party member or not even Lib Dem sympathetic - if you've got any interesting questions you'd like me to put to Willie then please leave them below.

I don't make any promises that I'll be able to ask or that Willie will answer! But it would be useful to carry in my armoury some ammunition supplied by "real people" with an interest in Scotland's future.

Now, you're going to have to some back again on Friday (when I've had time to write up a report of events) and see how well Willie performed!


Kelvin Holdsworth said...

Full marks to Willie for having bloggers in - it is a great idea.

Keep on asking him whether his office is sponsored by a right-wing religious organisation.

Care ain't an appropriate bunch to be staffing his office - I'd like to know if he has sorted it out yet.

tris said...

Excellent. Thank you for the opportunity Andrew.

I'd like to know what Mr Rennie thinks about a federal UK.

Given that Nick Clegg seems to think that both the status quo and independence are not the right way forward, and given than federalism always seems to have been a Liberal policy, does Mr Rennie take Nick Clegg's view on this, or the more Conservative view of the SOS, that the choice has to be Independence or status quo.

And what does he think of Mr Cameron's promise that something might happen about additional powers if we vote no... but no one knows what that would be.

OK... there's a lot there, but I'm thinking you might be asking these questions yourself anyway.

Once again thank you.

Unknown said...

If you could ask him:

Given that Ming's Home Rule Commission will be seen as the Liberal Democrats' response to the Independence Referendum, why are its results currently delayed till after the referendum. Are the LDs risking the same policy vacuum afflicting Ed Miliband?



Andrew said...

Tris - I was going to ask something along these lines anyway. I'll do my best to cover your main points.

Kelvin - you know my views. I'm not going to miss the opportunity!

Dan - I'll see if I can put your question to him, or at the very least incorprate it into a larger question about the role of the Commission.

Thanks to all of you!

Kale said...

Ask Mr Rennie about the Liberal Democrats

1. non-existent federalist blueprint for the UK. When will the libdems have a workable federalism policy?

2. warmongering stance over Iran.

Why is Nick Clegg allying himself with the pro-war Tories?