50 Lib Dems you must follow on twitter

1. Tim Farron (@timfarron). MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale. President of the Liberal Democrats. Blackburn Rovers supporter. One of the few MPs that recognises that twitter is for interacting with people, rather than making self-righteous pronouncements. All round nice guy.
2. ‏Jim Hume (@jimhumeLibDem). MSP for South Scotland. Health and Housing Spokesman and Deputy Whip in Scottish parliament.
3. Caron Lindsay (@caronmlindsay). Co-editor of Lib Dem Voice. Also blogs at Caron’s Musings. Queen of the Scottish blogosphere. Tweets about politics, Scotland, Dr Who, Formula 1 racing.
4. Stephen Glenn (@stephenpglenn). Northern Ireland born, lives in Scotland. Former parliamentary candidate. Blogs at Stephen’s Liberal Journal. Christian advocate for LGBT equality. 
5. Stephen Tall (@stephentall). Co-editor of Lib Dem Voice. Tweets often thought-provoking. Views always his own “unless stolen from others”.
6. Jonathan Calder (@lordbonkers). The bonkers blogger from Market Harborough. Can be found at Liberal England.
7. Daisy Cooper (@libdemdaisy). Feminist Lib Dem. Lovely person.
8. Lynne Featherstone (@lfeatherstone). Tireless Lib Dem MP for Hornsey & Wood Green. 
9. George W. Potter (@georgewpotter). Like his namesake Harry, the Potter Blogger is male and bespectacled. Unlike the young magician, George is an outspoken champion of social liberalism and feminism. 
10. Alex White (@TheWeeYin96). The epitome of optimistic, forward-looking, passionate and practical liberalism. And she’s only 17.
11. Alisdair Calder McGregor (@A_C_McGregor). Intelligent tweeter on all things political. Blogs at Leading Lines. 
12. Alex Dingwall (@AlexDingwall). Former councillor, now working for race equality charity. Supports Scottish independence. Member of Social Liberal Forum.
13. Lib Dems for a Republic (@Libs4ARepublic). It’s all in the title – they’re liberals and they want a republic. A group that more Lib Dems should consider joining.
14. Jennie Rigg (@miss_s_b). By far the most entertaining Lib Dem on twitter. 
15. Julian Huppert (@julianhuppert). Like Oliver Cromwell, MP for Cambridge. Unlike the former Lord Protector, Julian is interested in equality and human rights. Another MP who knows how to use social media effectively.
16. Sarah Brown (@auntysarah). Lib Dem Cambridge City Councillor who was 27th on Pink List in 2013.
17. Nicola Prigg (@nicola_prigg). Tennis mad Ayrshire Lib Dem. One of the awkward squad. 
18. Julia Cambridge (@juliacambridge1). The next MP for Chesterfield.
19. James King (@jamesinoxford). Co-Treasurer of Liberal Youth. Christian humanist and social liberal. History buff. Interesting guy.
20. Dr Mark Pack (@markpack). Author of 101 Ways to Win An Election and insightful Lib Dem blogger. 
21. Willie Rennie (@willie_rennie). Leader of the Scottish Lib Dems. 
22. Allan Heron (@AllanHeron). Partick Thistle supporter. Likes beer. Proud owner of a “Still Hate Thatcher” t-shirt. Critical of Better Together.
23. Dave Page (@davepage_mcr). LGBT equality campaigner, based in Manchester. 
24. Eilidh Macfarlane (@petiteliberal). “Friend to gnomes and wearer of ridiculous earrings”. Typical Lib Dem then.
25. Kerry-Marie Blundell (@KellyMarieLD). The next MP for Guildford.
26. Mark Thomson (@MarkReckons). Writes for the imaginatively names Mark Thomson’s Blog, and also for the New Statesman.
27. Jonathan Fryer (@jonathanfryer). Writer and Lib Dem Euro candidate for London.
28. Jo Swinson (@joswinson). The MP for East Dumbartonshire should need no introduction. Tweets regularly on women’s issues.
29. Sarah Brown (@SarahBrown1984). Describes herself as “not the wife of Gordon”. Phew!
30. Greg Judge (@gregjudge). Campaigns officer for Dignity in Dying and Leadership Programme candidate. 
31. Tavish Scott (@tavishscott). Former leader of the Scottish Lib Dems. MSP for Shetland. Tweets about Liverpool FC. Doesn’t like the SNP.
32. Don Harrison (@DonHarrisonLD). Gay Christian. Voice of reason. 
33. Gavin Hamilton (@GHmltn). Edinburgh Lib Dem, blogs at View From The Hills. Interested in Scottish history.
34. Mathew Hulbert (@HulbertMathew). Shortlisted for Lib Dem Councillor of the Year. Energetic campaigner; active within the Social Liberal Forum and Republic. He also happens to be gay.
35. Sophie Bridger (@SophieBridger). “Big on mental health, equalities and baking.” That just about sums her up!
36. Charlotte Henry (@charlotteahenry). Writes about politics and media. www.charlottehenry.com 
37. Daisy Benson (@CllrDaisyBenson). Lib Dem councillor and prolific tweeter.
38. Kevin Peters (@Big__Kev). Another entertaining tweeter. Calls a spade a spade.
39. Zoe O’Connell (@zoeimogen). LGBT rights campaigner and all-round adventurous person whose interests include motorcycling and canyoneering. 
40. Stephen Williams (@swilliamsmp). MP for Bristol West. A bit like Tim Farron (but better looking!).
41. Kav Kaushik (@kavya_kaushik). Likes “curry, cats and Eurovision”. Don’t we all?
42. Michael Mullaney (@miketmullaney). Councillor and surely future MP.
43. Andrew Tennant (@10anta). “Off message. In volume. Over time.” And under-rated. 
44. Maelo Manning (@libdemchild). It’s all in the name – Maelo is a child who blogs about liberalism and current affairs.
45. A.Jones (@abjtal). Cat-loving Welsh Lib Dem. 
46. Lisa Rajan (@lisarajan). Lib Dem councillor in Southwark.
47. Cllr John Potter (@johnpotterLD). Preston councillor who works in film production.
48. Brian Lawton (@MrBLawton). An extremely liberal Christian who tweets about politics and football (mainly Reading Ladies). 
49. Graeme Cowie (@woodstockjag). Law graduate and Partick Thistle fan with a meticulous way of thinking. 
50. Andrew Page (@scottishliberal). I have to include myself. If you don’t follow me, you should! What’s not to like? (Don’t answer that one).

Honourable mentions should also go to Christine Jardine (@CAJardine), a political commentator and our candidate in the recent Donside by-election, and Callum Morton (@callum_morton) for his energies in promoting the #FEparty. 

Of course, there may well be other Lib Dems that should be followed by a wider audience that I have omitted to mention. If that's the case, please feel free to add your own top liberal tweeters in the comments below.

Apologies to any I missed - it doesn't mean I have forgotten you! My unscientific methodology for ordering my top 50 was essentially based on my personal experience of how informative, relevant, intelligent, engaging and entertaining individuals' tweets were. I intend to do this again sometime next year when I hope to extend it to my top 100 Lib Dem tweeters. 

I may also do a similar list for my favourite Conservative tweeters, but getting to 10 I'd honestly recommend might be a tough assignment.

Of the fifty mentions above, 29 are male and 20 are female (the other being an internal grouping). At least 12 are also LGBT people. So you can't say I'm not doing my bit for equality.