Things that last longer than the European Super League

After all the furore, when the so-called big clubs climbed down they caved in completely.

Announced on Sunday, the idea of a European Super League was dead in the water late on Tuesday evening as the six English clubs -  under pressure from UEFA, the FA, politicians and anyone who cares about the game of football - capitulated and feebly announced their withdrawal from the elitist project they claimed to be a sporting competition.

Enough has been written about this saga elsewhere that I don't feel the need to add anything to the conversation. It has got me thinking though...there's been talk for some time about a new "Super League" and when it arrives it is so pitifully ill-conceived that it lasts a mere two days.

What lasts longer than the European Super League? Here are some ideas...

* A Test cricket match. Yes, even one England are playing in.

* Morton's Scottish Cup run.

* Cleggmania.

* The Titanic's maiden voyage.

* A weekend train journey from Kyle of Lochalsh to Penzance.

* Lib Dem conference.

* A Labour leadership election (or a Tory/LD one, come to think of it). 

* Theresa May

* Anthony Scaramucci's White House career.

* Sam Allardyce's England's career

* Diane James' UKIP leadership.

* Paul Nuttall's UKIP leadership.

* Counting in a US Presidential election.

* Watching the entire series of Friends / Ally McBeal / Inspector Morse (delete according to taste).

* A trip to the supermarket in my dad's old car.

* A Hollywood marriage.

* The Sinclair C5.

* Albion Rovers' current unbeaten run. 

* Disbelief that Tottenham Hotspur could ever be involved in an elite competition.

* The sneezing fit I had last year (seriously)

* The popular appeal of Aqua (of Barbie Girl infamy)

* Vanilla's pop career. (Remember them?  Thought not.)

* The Pokemon fad.

* VAR reviews (OK, perhaps not, but it certainly feels like it).

* Game of Thrones characters.

Yes, in the end Project Vanity turned out not so much to be "the death of football as we know it" but a shambolic embarrassment. Judging by the logo, the so-called Super League couldn't even afford a decent graphic designer and the failure to communicate a coherent, believable vision was so abysmal it made the Alba Party's campaign look uber-professional by comparison. Who'd have thought it?


nigel hunter said…
You remember the Sinclair C5 wow!
I thought they were called Vanilla Spice?
I wonder what Johnson would have done to stop it? After all he is one of them,for the rich.
Andrew said…
Actually, I don't really remember the C5 - I was so young at the time...but obviously it was famous for being a short-lived idea.

The group I'm thinking of were definitely Vanilla... and this was in my era (mid-late 1990s). There may well have been a Vanilla Spice that I've forgotten about or never heard of!

What would Johnson have done? Very little, if anything. After all, there's not a huge amount he can do other than express an opinion - this was a matter for the FA and UEFA rather than central government. But he knows which bandwagons to jump on.

If only he'd taken Covid-19 so seriously in February and March 2020...