Who I am

Addressing Liberal Democrat Conference, 2014

My name is Andrew Page - Liberal by political philosophy and Scottish by fortunate virtue of genetic and cultural heritage.

I am 42, a graduate in history and currently working in frontline mental health services in addition to being a self-employed photographer. I take the view that life is the only truly worthwhile experience, and my own has so far been interesting and varied although certainly not without its challenges. I know what it's like to be unemployed and homeless, but similarly I have run a successful business and been active within life-changing campaigns.

Like most people, my political views often stem from life experiences and the belief that we can all improve the societies in which we live - and our planet. Ultimately, politics is about people. While I am liberal in my outlook, I doubt I could ever be a tribal politician. The Liberal Democrats are, in many respects, my "home" and my "family", but I value friendships with people of all political affiliations. Indeed, this blog is probably read by as many SNP and Labour supporters as it is by Liberal Democrats.

This blog represents my own views, which are not necessarily those of my party. It's not often I disagree on policy issues with the party's position, but it has happened - most notably on the question of Scottish independence. Between 2012 and 2014 I made what I believed to be the Liberal case for independence on these pages.

I have all kinds of political interests - human rights, social justice, economics, health (especially mental health), environmental concerns, LGBT+ issues, constitutional reform, and education. Resisting Brexit is actually way down my list of preferred priorities, but sometimes the urgency of the situation compels us to take action.

I am a member of Green Liberal Democrats, the Social Liberal Forum, LibDems against Trident, and the Liberal Democrat History Group. I am also a member of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.

Away from politics, I enjoy folk music and learning languages (currently Polish and Czech). I have an interest in photography (naturally), the arts more widely, and European history. I follow the (mis)fortunes of Greenock Morton and Albion Rovers, and am a rather average cricket player. I have a pet cat called Laszlo, and just happen to be LGBT.