Guest Authors

Occasionally other, liberal-leaning, people will write for A Scottish Liberal.

Here is a list of previous contributors and links to their articles:

Mathew Hulbert: Liberal Democrat activist, parish councillor, charity worker, liberal Christian and LGBT+ inclusion campaigner.

Today is IDAHOBIT. But what about tomorrow?

Robert Maclennan: Former leader of the Social Democratic Party (1987-88) and co-leader of the Liberal Democrats (1989). Liberal Democrats' party president (1994-98). Lawyer, writer, occasional playwright.

Lords Reform Reviewed

Jade O'Neil: Jade O'Neil is a sex workers’ rights activist responsible for the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ policy in favour of full decriminalisation. Her professional background is in web development but she now manages digital projects in the charity sector to improve sex worker safety.

Sex workers deserve better

Adrian Page: Liberal Democrat candidate for Sunderland central, 2015.

Impressions of my first Federal Conference

Anna Page: Health and equality campaigner, of broadly liberal views. Not a member of the Liberal Democrats, or in fact any political party.

Tory humour isn't funny
What should we make of Caroline Flint's resignation?