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Some thoughts on the 2024 General Election

This has been a General Election in which I've probably been more active than ever before. I don't know who thought that a summer election was a good idea (well, I do actually - his name is Rishi) but from my personal perspective it's been a terrific experience.  It's been a long six weeks and a long night - but before the dust settles and the real analysts try to make sense of the vote, here are some of my own thoughts on what we have learned from this election. a) This is the most disproportionate result in living memory. It is even worse than 1983, when the SDP-Liberal Alliance won 25.4% of the vote and 23 seats compared to Labour's 209 seats with 27.6%. It's not actually too bad for the Lib Dems, but the Greens and Reform have predictably suffered as a result of the electoral system while Labour have secured a huge majority with what looks to be around 35% of the vote - and that on the second lowest turnout since 1885. The joint Labour and Conservative vote

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