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UN Security Council calls for ceasefire - will it make a difference?

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict. The wording of the resolution is significant. It calls for a ceasefire during the month of Ramadan and demands the release of all hostages currently held by Hamas. The resolution is not binding on Israel, but it sends a very clear signal that Israel is becoming increasingly isolated. Perhaps more significantly, the US's decision to abstain from the vote rather than use its power as a permanent member to veto it - as it has on three previous occasions - would appear to suggest a shift in both US policy and Israel's ability to control the narrative. International goodwill for Israel following the Simchat Torah atrocities has largely evaporated as a result of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's offensive on Gaza. The military operation has had limited success in achieving its supposed objectives, but has served to solidify feeling critical of Israel

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