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Who is David Campanale?

David Campanale (Photo: Mark Pack) I ask this question because I honestly don't know. The first I heard of him was about 20 minutes ago, when a Lib Dem friend sent a message asking why the party has selected a homophobe as a PPC. My friend shared a link to twitter, where I discovered that a Labour activist has uncovered some history on Mr Campanale, who has today been confirmed as the new Liberal Democrat PPC for the target seat of Sutton and Cheam . The official press release from the Sutton and Cheam Liberal Democrats and Mark Pack's blog  are keen to emphasise Mr Campanale's extensive journalistic experience with BBC World Service and his charitable work. They even mention that he won a council seat in Kingston at the age of 22, although it is not clear exactly when this was or which party he was standing for at the time. The strangest thing about these contributions is that they say very little about Mr Campanale's political activities other then the mention of a c

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