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The Supreme Court rules on independence referendum - what next?

The Supreme Court has today ruled on the legal position of the Scottish government's right to hold an independence referendum.  The verdict can be read here . The verdict is not remotely surprising. It emphasises that the Scottish Parliament has no jurisdiction over reserved matters and that holding a referendum without Westminster's approval would be outwith Holyrood's legislative competence. Clearly the devolution settlement was never intended to give the Scottish Parliament this power and the UK's "defence" was essentially to point to the Scotland Act.  What the verdict does is rule on the legal question asked by the Scottish government. What it does not do is take a political position - it's vital to stress this. The Supreme Court is not acting as an extension of Westminster; neither is it making a direct judgment on Scotland's political status. What it is doing is interpreting existing law. The Supreme Court does not create law and neither does it

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