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It's not a question of faith... it's a matter of politics

It's been a very strange last couple of weeks. First came the shock news that Nicola Sturgeon had resigned as First Minister . I don’t think anyone saw that coming and I have to admit to not sharing the glee that some of my fellow Liberal Democrats expressed at this development. Nicola Sturgeon has a somewhat mixed legacy, but there can be no denying her commitment to equalities or her skills as a communicator. In those respects at least, she will be a tough act to follow. In the coming weeks and months we will perhaps find ourselves in a better position to appraise Nicola Sturgeon’s legacy. Personally, the events of the last few days - which I will come to in a moment - have convinced me that her greatest achievement was the cultivation of an image of the SNP as a united party of social progressives, and that her biggest single failure was the lack of succession planning.  Secondly, we have seen the equally surprising but altogether more ironic situation in which the Free Chur

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