Cheers and Jeers #6

Here's my latest news roundup, in which I cheer or jeer the week's events.

Cheers to Kay Burley of Sky News, asking this question following Tuesday evening’s votes on the  Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement: "Coming up in just a few moments: is a Unicorn lighting the way in Europe or is it just a Donkey, with a plunger on its head? All of that, after the Sport" Somehow that managed to sum of the nature of this week's news in a singular bizarre moment.

Cheers to Layla Moran, for her significant efforts in bringing forward a private member’s bill to replace the Vagrancy Act.  As Layla explained: “There is no single cause of homelessness, and vulnerable people, those with mental health problems and addictions for example, need support not punishment.”

Cheers to Anna Soubry for her heartfelt and passionate speech in defence of immigration, which concluded with: “Too many people have been told lies and it is now absolutely up to each and every one of us to stand up, make the case for immigration and tell the truth.”

Jeers to Sammy Wilson, the DUP MP for East Antrim, who suggested that, in the even of food shortages post-Brexit, poor people can always “go to the chippy”. This sickening arrogance and disdain for the most vulnerable people in society is truly shameful.

Jeers to Sarah Huckerbee Sanders for her “God wants Trump to be President” remarks.  Sorry Sarah, that’s not how democracy works. (I'm not too sure it's how God works either...)

Jeers to John Tanner, an Oxford Labour councillor who seems to want to make war on homeless people rather than homelessness

Tears for workers at the Nissan plant in Sunderland, following news that the Japanese car manufacturer has decided to cancel its plans to produce its X-Trail model in the UK. It’s not a time for getting out the “I told you so”s, but for feeling some sympathy for workers who were sold a lie by people who should know better.


East Neuker said…
Yes it is time for I told you so. Maybe some other deluded English people might get the message and put there hands up for ditching Brexit. Maybe it's me that's deluded, but if they can't see it now, or refuse too, then hell mend them. Independence in Europe for Scotland - lets hear you support it, and damn Willie Rennie as a hypocrite and an English puppet of the sock variety.
The current position of the Fib Dems in Scotland is wholly untenable. I suspect you will not approve this comment, but at least think yourself about why. Rennie is my constituency MSP. He is a nasty and unprincipled waste of space.
Andrew said…
As I said, it's perhaps time to say as loudly as possible that people were lied to and that those who sold those lies should take some responsibility for them. When I say it's not time "I told you so" I meant in relation to the Nissan workers themselves - some are suggesting they deserve everything they get for voting the way they did. I take the view that not only are they the wrong target, it also makes us look smug and happy to see people lose their jobs if it proves our points. No, I can't do that.

As you will know there are times when I am far from impressed with the Lib Dems in Scotland - or, at least, the five MSPs in Holyrood. At least in the last parliament we had Alison McInnes and Jim Hume. I suggested last night to someone that if the Scottish lib Dems did not exist there would be no need to invent them; that can't be said of the party in England, whatever its current difficulties.