Friday, 4 April 2014

RIP Margo Macdonald

I fully intended to write my own, somewhat lengthy tribute to the great Margo Macdonald, considering her political life with particular reference to the independence cause, her passionate campaigning for rights for sex workers and her political courage and tirelessness in leading on the matter of assisted suicide.

However, I feel that not only are there already so many fitting tributes from people of all parties, but that my own words would be ill-qualified to do justice to her enormous achievements and immense humanity. 

I think it is sufficient to say that Margo taught us so much; particularly in showing us how to be fully human while simultaneously leading on so many key issues. She was not popular because of her political affiliation, her beliefs or - indeed - her outspokenness, but because she took an active interest in people. 

Speaking as a Liberal about a liberal, I miss her already.

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear.