Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My top posts of 2013

Here are my top posts - at least in terms of pageviews. Oddly enough, they all seemed to make sense at the time...

1. Does Better Together care about free speech? I suggest the "no" campaign should distance itself from Ian Taylor.

2. Are we a party that supports Northern Isles separation? A pertinent question following a vote at Scottish spring conference.

3. 50 Lib Dems you must follow on twitter. A list of Lib Dem twitterati I find interesting, entertaining or otherwise compelling.

4. Is there a need for a UK Constitutional Convention? I suggest there is, but that what is needed is an extension of democracy, not technical chit-chat and political machinations

5. David Steel's speech to the Blackpool Assembly. The leader's speech to the final Liberal Assembly, revisited 25 years later.

6. The real significance of Glasgow University's mock referendum. I ponder the meaning of the students'  mock independence referendum, which the media at the time were claiming was of enormous importance but has now been entirely forgotten.

7. Review of Scottish SLF Conference 2013. Recalling the lively discussions at Social Liberal Conference.

8. SNP minister announces he is gay. Society is changing, but it still takes courage to come out.

9. We have to tackle these misconceptions - misconceptions about benefit dependency.

10. Why I'm disappointed in the new Lords appointments. We were a little unadventurous to say the least.

11. Tim Farron is either "wrong or compellingly correct". I ask whether our party president is able to separate his personal faith from his secular responsibilities.

12. How do you solve a problem like UKIP? The jury's still out on that one, I think.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes for 2014!

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