"Conference People": Lib Dems give their views on coalition

During a surprisingly upbeat and productive Lib Dem conference, I found the time to interview some Lib Dem members about their views on the coalition.

These views I then collated in a video, lasting approximately 20 minutes, entitled "Conference People". Featuring opinion from Alex White, Hannah Bettsworth, Tracy Connell, Greg Judge, Mathew Hulbert, Bob Maclennan, Eilidh Macfarlane and Alex Wilcock, I hoped to produce something that is able to present both the range of views within the party while ultimately demonstrating how united we are in key respects.

That "Conference People" is the views (almost entirely) of "ordinary" party members and activists is intentional and, I trust, more authentic than the predictable soundbites from elected representatives. It is designed to give an insight into the party's collective psyche and, while ultimately eight members can hardly be held to be representative of the entire party, I have deliberately attempted to include people I know to have widely differing beliefs.

Those of you who might not wish to watch a full 20 minutes may instead be interested in going directly to one of the individual sections, listed below:

How do you feel the Liberal Democrats have performed in government since 2010?

What should the Liberal Democrats' key objectives be in government during the next two years?

What are your views on the direction the leadership is taking the party?

How can the Lib Dems communicate a more distinctive message, and what should it be?

Are you and optimist or a pessimist - and why?

My thanks go to everyone who agreed to take part.