Saturday, 29 December 2012

My top posts of 2012

I haven’t been quite as prolific in my blogging as I was last year and for a couple of months abandoned it completely.  However, this hasn’t deterred people from reading my ramblings – these are the most popular (or at least most read) posts of the last year.

1)  Better Together campaign launched.  I was less than impressed with the launch.  I'm still less than impressed with Better Together.

2)  Willie Rennie must provide evidence of SNP-English Democrats link.  The Scottish party leader used federal conference to allege that the two parties are "working together" and "sharing ideas".  I suggest, in the absence of firm evidence, that he's misleading conference.

3)  Illiberal Scottish council silences 9 year old girl.  I am angered by Argyll & Bute Council's unnecessarily authoritarian actions.

4)  So, Nick Clegg thinks I’m an extremist .  The deputy Prime Minister suggests that those who support independence are "extremists".

5)  Leadership defeats pro-change rebels at Scottish conference.  A call for an alternative alternative to the constitutional status quo was roundly defeated.

6)  Do we really want to be associated with this?  Why would any liberal want to associate themselves with the negative tribalism and ill-considered rhetoric of the unionist parties, I ask.  "Why can't Lib Dems stand aside from the hideous, shallow spectacle of political immaturity and articulate something more reasonable, more sensible, more liberal?"

7) Gay ex-footballer talks openly to A Scottish Liberal.  I interview a friend who is both gay and a one-time professional footballer.  

8)  David Steel's wife supports Scottish independence.  Judy Steel seems an unlikely rebel.

9)  First Minister booed at Olympic celebrations.  Alex Salmond was indeed booed in Glasgow's George Square but I refuse to draw much significance from it.  He is a Hearts fan after all...

10)  Lib Dem bloggers quiz Willie Rennie.  The Scottish leader agreed to be interviewed by a panel of bloggers.

And they are my top ten posts of 2012.  The top posts of 2011 can be viewed here.

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