Thursday, 3 November 2011

How many Lib Dems does it take to change a light bulb?

Inspired by Caron Lindsay on facebook, and being the kind of person who can laugh at themselves, I suggested these:

a) None. Lib Dems don't change anything.
b) None. The blub has to be given the liberty to change itself. We'd deny it the referendum to give it the freedom it needed though.
c) 1000 - one to do it, the other 999 to point out that Alex Salmond didn't do it first.
d) None. Lightbulbs, like communties, can't be changed - simply regenerated.
e) It's funny, but since the Holyrood elections it's been very difficult to find any Lib Dems around...
f) None. The Big Society will do it.
g) Remember Iraq! We're against lightbulb regime change!
h) Is it the blub that needs changing, or is it us?
i) It doesn't matter...the lights went out on us last May!

Please add any amusing (and hopefully original) ideas below!


Graeme said...

Reminds me of the HIGNFY Andy Hamilton joke about the panic during the General Election about having "a policy on volcanoes" in light of the Iceland situation.

"Of course the Liberal Democrats would abolish volcanoes because they're part of the old geology!"

T. C. R. MacDonnell said...

How many Lib Dems does it take to change a lightbulb?

All of them, but we still need the Tories to give us a hand.

Nick Clegg will do it, and then 5% of the party will flouse off to St.
Paul's in a huff.

Once shall do it whilst the rest of the party commemorates the last time
Llyod George did it.

Vince Cable will recommend changing the light bulb, and the world at large
will ignore him.

Chris Huhne must first be convinced of the safety of the lightbulb, and
must be assured that the capital will come entirely from private sources
rather than repeat the mistakes of the great 1950s lightbulb changing boom.

David Laws will go to change the light bulb, but some scandal will cause
him to resign and for Danny Alexander to take over.

One will change the lightbulb, and the rest of us will mutter about how
Gordon Brown ought to have done it while he was in power.