Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's time for the Total Politics blog awards!

Yes, it's that time of year! And for the first time, I'm actually quite excited!

Total Politics is hosting its sixth annual awards for political blogs and bloggers from large, collective blogs such as Lib Dem Voice all the way through to smaller blogs, such as those used by councillors. Total Politics is also, for the first time, asking participants to identify their favourite political tweeter - a tacit recognition of the growing influence of twitter.

I've already voted for my top ten which are mainly Scottish and, unsurprisingly, include contributions from across the political spectrum. I personally think the Scottish blogosphere has never been in a healthier state and I would like to see Scots feature prominently in the final results - not least because Total Politics' coverage of Scottish issues is not what it perhaps could be.

I would encourage anyone who reads political blogs to vote for their favourites. Firstly, here is an opportunity to demonstrate and celebrate the diverse talents of our various political bloggers. Secondly, these awards are evidence of the power and influence of the "new media", including bloggers and tweeters - which is why I feel so passionately that the efforts of bloggers should be recognised.

You can vote here: Total Politics Blog Awards. And, if you like A Scottish Liberal, I would be naturally appreciative if you would consider voting for it!

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