Monday, 28 February 2011

Labour MP attacks No2AV tactics

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw has written to Labour supporters of electoral reform criticising the tactics of the No2AV campaign.

Like myself, Mr Bradshaw has branded No2AV campaign as "desperate", "based on fake figures" and guilty of "scaremongering". He also urges an open and informed debate while slamming what he considers the "bogus debate" currently being offered by No2AV.

Given that the votes of Labour supporters will be crucial, it is heartening that Mr Bradshaw has taken the trouble to openly challenge the negativity and lies of the official "no" campaign. Hopefully his actions will make a huge difference to attitudes within his own party towards the AV referendum.

It is even more welcome that Mr Bradshaw speaks of changing "old politics" and making politics "different". How refreshing from the cynical opportunism we've seen from some Labour figures on this issue in recent months - not least in the Lords.

Mr Bradshaw's e-mail in full:

Dear Supporter

If you saw yesterday’s Independent on Sunday, you will know that the NO2AV campaign has been plunged into chaos, as a leaked Treasury document demolished a central plank of their case. The report showed a senior government minister admitting that the outcome of the referendum would not have ANY impact in terms of public spending:

This fully rebuts the claims of the No camp, who have desperately claimed that a Yes vote in the AV referendum would jeopardise the lives of premature babies, or members of our armed forces:

As I told The Independent, this blows the No campaign's fake figures out of the water. I believe that the British people deserve an honest and open debate on the real issues of this referendum, not a bogus debate based on bogus figures. This kind of shameful scaremongering is exactly the type of old politics we need to change.

We’ve got just over 9 weeks to convince the public that politics can be different. To find out how you can help the campaign in your local area visit or email Amy Dodd at

Best wishes

Ben Bradshaw MP

* Many thanks to my friend Ian for forwarding the e-mail.

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