Monday, 20 September 2010

Lembit Opik adds some colour to Conference

It was fantastic to see Lembit Opik back at conference, even if he addressed us "as an ordinary member".

Always a colourful character, Lembit made a contribution in defence of nuclear power and the nuclear industry, arguing that nuclear power was now relatively safe, that UK energy needs were changing and therefore that the use of nuclear energy had to be part of the thinking of any government with a "credible energy strategy".

I personally agree with this analysis and recognise that nuclear energy must be part of any medium to long term strategy. Nuclear power will always be uncomfortable for many within our party, but the debate - and indeed the industry - has moved a long way forward since the 1980s.

I wish Lembit every success in his bid to become the next Mayor of London. I also hope that he fails to kick his "addictive habit" of speaking at conference; whatever can be said about Lembit Opik it is an inescapable truth that his colour, wit and personality need to be found a construtive outlet.

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